Saturday, 17 March 2007


Today I went to the Medieval Market in Coventry, looking for fabric, buttons, cord, leather scraps and a present for someones 18th. (TORM - The Original Reenactors Market)

I got none of the above, instead I came away with a waistcoat (thanks for the help Julie, tried it on with frock coat looks good), bi-corn hat, a Egyptian bag which after getting it home I think was great find, 3 shirts, a pretty box and pretty compass.

I suppose its a good thing I was inspired to buy these things, still me thinks I will regret not buying other stuff in a couple of weeks.

So what did I forget, I now need some trousers/breeches to go with the frock coat and waistcoat, wool to make a new coat for Guru, and a new hat.