Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blueberry & Apple

Last weekend I was at Ascendancy, Saturday was wet and very dull which seem to make everyone rather tired and the event seemed to be over in flash. We were well kitted for camping since between me and Julie we have a fair amount of camping kit, nothing excessive like a Winibago just enough to make life very comfortable even when it rains a lot, saying that we did have 3 tents all capable of sleeping at least 5 people each and that was between the 2 of us.
On the way back we plotted for a future event since its something I enjoy and like to do a bit of here and there since without my Medieval murder mysteries, Strangehaven and running table top roleplay I don't get chance to use that side of my brain. I had several ideas but Julie came up with very good story to hang it all from, based on something from the past which I had forgotten.

Having got back home and unloaded in the early hours of Monday morning, by the time I reached work at 8am the same morning I was shattered, a few cups of tea kept me going and I was fine until about 3pm when suddenly I just couldn't think anymore my head was wanting to do nothing and my body had decided my legs no longer worked and refused to get up and make a drink.

The rest of week I have been putting together a few props during my spare time, which I can't show here since they may be seen by people who read this and play Ascendancy and that would spoil things.

Today I did go down Bournemouth way for a work meeting, the journey was mostly sunny until I hit Warwick on the way home when the rain bucketed it down slowing most of the traffic to 20mph or less although a few idiots did drive past quite a bit faster, I can't work out how they could see, so they must have been using the blind faith driving technique, although it technique did fail for a BMW driver just outside Coventry who hit a small hatchback in the rear and spun all over the road.

On one last note I have last found the Twinnings Apple and blueberry tea, it was nice but unfortunately tasted like many of the other berry varieties, the blueberries overpowering the apple which I hoped to taste.