Monday, 7 January 2008

Shopping, painting, eating

On Saturday evening I went out for meal with friends for my mate Steve's birthday, we had to stay close to there home because of his wife Deb being on call to hospital where her friend is in the hospice since a cancer she has fought for several years is now reaching a conclusion. Deb is very close to her friend and cared for her, she as been in tears many times over the last 3 or 4 years with the ups and down of her friends illness, but enjoyed the distraction of night out.

Unfortunately the theme of this post is hospitals, since another of my friends Linda, young Chris's mother for those who know him, she went to the hospital for barium meal the day before, this apparently is very heavy liquid that leaves you very loose and with stools the weight of lead. After the meal we went back to Ste & Deb's, Linda needed to go and disappeared, 30 minutes later she had not returned, because as we found out her poo was stuck in the loo, so much to her embarrassment and sorry to say our amusement she was equipped with plastic bags to remove the item.

The rest of my weekend was spent shopping and at home painting toy soldiers, I purchased a large figure case like the one Julie bought Dave, a few figures and paints from Chimera shop, high tech thermal leggings and top for winter camping, and tea strainer thing for steeping loose tea in mug.

I also started a phys-rep for use at a future AscendancyLRP event, which involved destroying a broken pocket watch.

Painting figures and building props at the moment involves a space on a table the size of computer keyboard, (because I move my PC keyboard out the way) that combined with Jasmine my cat insisting on sitting on my knee and nudging my elbow while I paint is making it all more difficult than it should be. AndyL has the right technique on my second visit of the weekend he had engaged kid's visiting the shop in undercoating his figures for him.