Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bushey tailed cat

Last coughs of my cold, I wish, I'm never sure if the worst part of a cold is the initial headache, feeling tired, the follow on running nose, sneezing, eyes watering stage or the recovery when it turns to a horrible dry cough, I can live and function with a cough I guess, even if it make sleep hard.

Anyway this weekend I was slowly recovering from my cold, but still did the shopping rounds and ironing. On Saturday I went round to my friends Ste & Debbie for a meal and jolly nice meal it was. Debbie stole a Jamie Oliver recipe card from Sainsbury's with Chicken, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, bacon, some very nicely done potato wedges and various other bits which I couldn't get enough of. The stater was nice too, and then we finished with a very, very rich, shop made orange and chocolate pudding, one spoon would have been sufficient to fill you.

By about 10pm however my cold had caught up me and I was feeling decidedly drowsy and uncommunicative, so by 11 I left and not too soon, it was a short 20 minute drive home but long enough to have been feeling quite dizzy.

Tonight I was supposed to go to my brother Roberts house for fireworks, but Jasmine had gone very bushey tailed (her tail had expanded to the thickness of her body) and wouldn't leave my lap with all the banging and fizzing outside, she was not a happy cat, so I stayed in and watched 'Nacho Libre' which was quite a funny DVD.