Friday, 23 March 2007

Whats your cat like

Thinking about all the eccentricities of cats, and that’s not taking into account there individual personalities which unless you’re a cat owner you don’t appreciate.
So discounting Jasmine personality I listed a few things below I think she has in common with other cats and few things less in common.

My cat Jasmine likes in common with lot of other cats I’ve known.
>Sitting between me and the computer screen so I have look at her, this also works the same with books and magazines.
>Running up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants.
>Sitting on my lap 5 minutes before I need to leave for work, delaying me as long as possible.
>Waking me up a 5am in the morning
>Sitting/sleeping where it’s warm when I’m not available, currently her favourite place is on top of my cable modem.
>Playing in and around cardboard boxes.
>Attacking your feet under the duvet as they move, or as a method of waking you.

Jasmine likes not in common with other cats I know, unless you tell me different
>Playing fetch, Jasmine Has A toy nickname Mr Worm which I throw to the far corners of the room for her to retrieve and return to me, dropping at my feet.
>Sleeping in the bed with her head on pillow and body under the duvet.
>Meowing when I won’t play, she makes a sound like a short tongued person saying hello, which goes on until I pick up her toy.
>Sitting in the crook of my arm while I wonder around the house, refusing to be phased by me going up stairs, leaning forward to pick stuff, all while I struggle to do things one handed, I suppose in this its my fault for not putting her down.

Interested in anything your cat or cats do or don’t do that are different.