Friday, 23 March 2007

Whats your cat like

Thinking about all the eccentricities of cats, and that’s not taking into account there individual personalities which unless you’re a cat owner you don’t appreciate.
So discounting Jasmine personality I listed a few things below I think she has in common with other cats and few things less in common.

My cat Jasmine likes in common with lot of other cats I’ve known.
>Sitting between me and the computer screen so I have look at her, this also works the same with books and magazines.
>Running up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants.
>Sitting on my lap 5 minutes before I need to leave for work, delaying me as long as possible.
>Waking me up a 5am in the morning
>Sitting/sleeping where it’s warm when I’m not available, currently her favourite place is on top of my cable modem.
>Playing in and around cardboard boxes.
>Attacking your feet under the duvet as they move, or as a method of waking you.

Jasmine likes not in common with other cats I know, unless you tell me different
>Playing fetch, Jasmine Has A toy nickname Mr Worm which I throw to the far corners of the room for her to retrieve and return to me, dropping at my feet.
>Sleeping in the bed with her head on pillow and body under the duvet.
>Meowing when I won’t play, she makes a sound like a short tongued person saying hello, which goes on until I pick up her toy.
>Sitting in the crook of my arm while I wonder around the house, refusing to be phased by me going up stairs, leaning forward to pick stuff, all while I struggle to do things one handed, I suppose in this its my fault for not putting her down.

Interested in anything your cat or cats do or don’t do that are different.


  1. Charlie certainly does all of the things on your common list.

    Missy much the same except for the attacking feet under the duvet... Feet under the duvet are scary as they cannot be seen and are sneaking up to attack her from under her bottom. All of which is bad and obviously Dave is to blame.

    Things not in common with other cats...

    - Very worried about hands and where they are, which means she finds it hard to relax when being fussed.
    - Loves to push fingers (or any proffered pointy thing) into her mouth, ears and eyes.
    - Drools a lot.
    - Prone to panic attacks if someone tries to pick her up.
    - Does not get cat toys, but laces still attached to Dave's boots are not safe if she thinks she's unobserved.
    - Chewing sticks.
    - Glowering... Missy has a special stare reserved for Dave.
    - Is a very adept tree climber and can shoot up a tree in the blink of an eye.
    - Descends from trees bottom first.

    - Talking to himself all of the time, cooing, meowing, mrrpping, crying and all manner of other noises depending on his mood.
    - Loves cat litter and prefers it to using the flowerbeds outside, to the point where he asks to be let in so he can go to the loo. He is equally fond of his litter tray and sometimes just climbs in it to sit with a happy expression on his face.

    I'm sure there will be other oddities with Charlie as it's early days.

    Missy on the other hand is mentally scarred and improves a little with each passing week, so as time passes we lose some strange behaviour and gain others. What can I say other than she likes to keep us on our feet ;)

  2. Just thought of another one for Charlie...

    - Is completely unaware of how big he is and is therefore always being taken by surprise when he can't squeeze through a gap, when he rolls over and into something, when he leans on something and it falls over, that he can't fit properly on laps and so on...

    And for Missy...

    - Is a master opener of doors and windows! Unless a door or window is properly shut she can and will open it.