Sunday, 25 March 2007

Yay finished

At last I've have made the leg detail below the knee work on the trousers styled on asian Chudidarr.

Remade twice excluding sowing things together back to front on the 1st pass, I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, might not pass any short of quality standard but they fit, feel comfortable and from a distance look ok.


  1. Those look like they'll stay where you put them rather than falling down and are a definite improvement on how they looked before you added the eyelets. :)

    Well done.

  2. The new bottom half was measured to fit over the calf so gets slightly thinner at the top, as well as the bottom, I also made them in 2 pieces to get a better shape, learning you see.

    Things I would do different, smaller eyelets (I used 5mm), more eyelets, possibly 50% more and slightly closer to the edge.

    Just wondering if I need to do anything with the ends of the laces to stop them falling out.