Saturday, 22 March 2008

40K Mayhem

So Chimera 40K game number 3 or is 4, not sure.

Jock in his wisdom had dropped out, a choice due to family commitments between being a replacement General for DaveP in Ascendancy war game next weekend or supervising a load of kids playing 40K today, well for some reason he decided the Ascendancy game would be better.

So today's game was over booked with 9 players and various parents, most of the players had played last time, and in the intervening weeks had obviously re-read the rules and come back slightly better players. The child that did not listen last time, was now listening even if he did treat the figures his grandad had painted like worthless junk which made me wince has poured them out his expensive box designed to keep them safe. The morning game went well however the afternoon was chaos, 2 experience older players turned up and through dice roles ended up on one side while I had ended up with 4 youngsters, one a total novice, a Gabriel who can now roll dice, and 2 others. I can only imagine its what its like to be teacher, none of the kids had prepared, all 4 wanted to talk to me at once, constantly for 3 hours, can I fire, can I shoot, is it my go yet, is my go yet help.... thankfully parents were on hand to say wait your turn, and listen which helped. Anyway I survived and 5 minutes after starting at 10.30am it was 5pm and we had done, time flies when your busy.

The other good side was I was indoors, it was bitter cold in the morning, snow overnight and a mixture of sunshine, high winds and snow blizzard all day made me glad I'd not gone with DaveP to Maelstrom or with my Buckinghams Re-enactment group to Warwick Castle this weekend.

I now have the rest of the 4 day weekend to look forward to, although with no plans, I expect it to be quiet but hopefully fairly productive.