Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I though I would do a tea review

5/10 My work tea : not bad and free, just need to train the people who make it
6/10 Breakfast tea : Proper tea
6/10 Twinings Lady Grey tea : Very citrusy tea and ok with milk if you like it that way.
10/10 Tetleys Earl Grey and vanilla tea : My favorite tea, drunk with milk, the vanilla gives it slightley sweater flavour
8/10 Blackberry & Nettle infusions : Full flavored and good but stays a little in the mouth after you have finished
4/10 Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla infusions : Gets in your mouth and stays there
5/10 Echinacea & Raspberry infusions : a little too sweet
6/10 Camomile & Spiced Apple infusions : sometimes lacks flavour
2/10 Pure Camomile infusion : Did nothing for me
3/10 Camomile, Honey & Vanilla infusions : too much did not like, perhaps good if you have a cold
3/10 Lemon & Ginger infusions : Ginger and lemon are very bitter flavours, perhaps better with a bit of sugar
8/10 Strawberry & Mango infusions : A nice sweet drink, very pleasants
5/10 Peppermint infusions : One to drink when you need it.
8/10 Melon & grape infusions Limited Edition : Very melony my current favorite infusion
7/10 Cherry & Cinnamon infusions Limited Edition : Not seen since Christmas, I enjoyed it then
8/10 Raspberry & Rose infusions Limited Edition : Another nice sweet but not to sweet drink
6/10 Pear & Apple Green tea : If you have no milk, need caffine, the flavour is subtle but pleasant
6/10 Orange & Lotus Flower Green tea : Same as above really
3/10 Jasmine Green Tea : Not keen, drinkable but not for me
5/10 Cranberry Green tea : Not quite in the same league as Pear and Apple, Orange and Lotus flower

Anything rated 5 out of 10 and above I will drink again and be happy.

Teas I want to try
Pineapple & Rooibos
Twinings tea with Vanilla & Coconut
Twinings tea with Orange
Twinings tea with After Dinner Mint
Twinings tea with Rose
Gunpowder just because of the name, although its a strong pure green tea, so I might not like it.