Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Lots of driving

I'm not long back from sunny but chilly Edinburgh after a visit for work, a pleasant trip passing thousand of football supporters on the way to Manchester easily identified by numerous scarves and flags covering their cars, it must add ten quid to the petrol cost with extra drag created, and some of the flags where the size of car bonnets.

Anyway Scotland and back in day involves leaving the house at 4am in the morning and eleven hours sitting behind the wheel of the car, I suppose I should stay over and come back the following day, but driving doesn't hurt and like to get home, so provided I don't start yawning I drive it.

Although this is on top of Ascendancy LRP event at the weekend which was tiring, its not the physical activities, but the lack of sleep, driving and getting home at midnight. At least I had the following day off.

The event was good one, I enjoyed it, had nice little part in the event involving calling on my characters abilities to get rid of big bad MrT (JeffRef) as he motivated my character by looming over ProffG (Julies character). I had no idea of what my abilities were but they seemed to do the trick.
While at the event I tried on my costume for a new character and got some advice from Julie and DaveP on how to bling it, both agreed on the hat choice, which was also my favorite so that was settled I just have purchase and make the bling.

We had a bit of fun with my make up that wouldn't dry, which I'm now thinking of replacing since its found its way on to my costume, water based is apparently what I need.

On the way home Julie and DaveP also filled in some missing details on the maps for the Ascendancy game and spotted a error with the position of the Rat Run which I corrected, this unfortunately took about an hour and half at the 1st services when we only stopped for coffee, so it was 9pm before we got to next services to eat.

I have attached a cat picture from Friday before the event, Jasmine was hiding among all the bags I'd packed. Below that is a picture of Izzanbard, my main characters new costume.(not my new character costume)