Sunday, 18 February 2007

What do you think so far?

Trousers so far, I have calf/ankle detail to sort and buttons/button holes.
The waist band ended up a very messy sowing job, because I bent the needle, then broke the needle, running out of thread at the wrong moment and general inexperience in my sowing skills, all while trying to pleat a waist twice and a bit the size of final waist size into the waist band.
The width around calf is about 2 inches bigger than the mock up, and a lot fuller due the fabric and lining.
Jasmine hiding as I try to stretch the wool out neat to mark and cut. Jasmine was a real pain, and tried my patience while making these trousers and even manage to pull a thread in the part finished garment, she got away with it, by being so cute and amusing.

Jasmine at sewing machine, with the trouser minus waist band and fly, but lined.