Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day out in the Black Country.

This weekend I went with Julie and Dave the Black Country Museum at Dudley to celebrate Dave's Birthday.

The Museum as can be seen from the photo below is mainly about reproducing what it was like to live in the Black Country area at the beginning of the 20th Century. A whole village as been built from houses taken down from the local area and then rebuilt creating a fascinating authentic place to visit.

Julie and Dave riding a Trolley Bus, basically a tram without tracks or bus that has to follow overhead power cables

A Trolley Bus at the museum.

The village has many working shops that sell their goods to visitors, this is Julie and Dave outside the sweet shop, Dave bought us all a cake from the shop next door, further down the street was a fish and chip shop. We visited the cafe while there for lunch all of use deciding to have the large black country sausages which were yummy.

Unfortunately it was a cold day, since most of the museum is outside I would recommend you go when its warmer.

Most of the shops and houses had working fires which were lit to keep the costumed characters that worked at the museum warm and were excellent to keep us visitors warm.

Julie knitted me a cowl for Christmas, it was very helpful in keeping me warm, not that I wore it pulled over my face like in the photo below, most of the time I wore it just around my neck. I highly recommend a cowl as a alternative to scarf.

Picture of the canal inside the museum.

I had a great day out, I assume Julie and Dave did, I wished it was better weather since it may have been more enjoyable, next time we pick a indoor place to visit in winter.