Monday, 7 April 2008

Sun & Snow

This weekend we had a nice mixture of warm sun, hail, sleet and snow, the snow settled overnight, but had started to melt by time I was up at 7am Sunday morning and was gone by 8am except in the shadiest parts.

On Saturday night I visited my friends Ste & Deb for a meal, I was ordered to arrive before Dr Who started, but I got distracted and only just arrived in time. So when I arrived at my friends, they sat me down immediately with none of the usual chit-chat. We then watched a good but lightweight episode of Dr Who, the cute aliens making my friends son, Lewis laugh and the Dr’s new companion Catherine Tate ended up being fine, despite doom and gloom predictions by some Dr Who fans.
We then retired from the telly for a nice meal and to catch up on news since we don’t see each other that often.

Sunday was household core catch up day, but after that I went for late afternoon meal with Andy, Heather, Chris and Louise from Ascendancy plus kids.
I met Freddy for the 1st time Chris & Louise son, who not long after sitting down started pulling faces, Louise said that’s his poo face, picked him up, sniffed his bottom and said yep I’m right. At that moment Chris decided he needed to go fetch the pushchair from the car he should have fetched earlier thus volunteering Louise to change the probably highly radioactive poo covered nappy.
Chris was is usual exuberant self, I’ve never seen him not frothing with enthusiasm for something, and with slow service at the restaurant before we knew it 4 hours had flown by and it was 8pm.
Andy on the other hand was starting his revenge for the April fools day joke I had played on him by constantly dropping comments about informing all the refs and that if I miss the next event it will only make it worse, well it worked I’m now worried, very worried :S