Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Wushi Finger hold

I've been to see two films at the cinema this weekend and nearly went to see a third.

I went with Andy, Heather and children to see 'Kung Fu Panda' which was a lot of fun even if Andy did have to leave 20 minutes from the end suffering from naughty child syndrome. The film aimed at young kids made be laugh a lot which is good and since our next event is set in the Thunders it will no doubt involve someone doing the Wu-shi Finger Hold which the Po the hero.... (spoiler so can't say)

Also I went to see 'Hancock' which is sold by its trailers as being light hearted comedy, its not..well it tries to mix slap stick and vulgar comedy with a very serious side and they have failed to mix them sucessfuly for me, and I also can't see the funny side of serious nasty drunk which the character started out at. Sounding a bit negative about a film which was entertaining in way, but not on my recommended list, its promise and content left me unfulfilled much like the Jumpers a DVD I watched recently.

The film I missed going to was 'Wanted' based on a comic, Andy & Heather went to see it yesterday so I will wait to see what they thought before I attend, although we have the new 'Batman' and 'Hell boy' films coming up soon so it may get missed for one the them.