Monday, 9 June 2008

Sand Conga

I was at Ascendancy again this weekend, but now we have 5 week break and as a fellow player said to me at the event, I will miss not playing Ascendancy in two weeks, but I will now have chance to catch on other things since I spend the weekend between event preparing for events, I can only agree.

The event went well and the creep to total nocturnal events was well and truly halted with Heather rallying the refs at 9am and the refs rallying the players the events got started by 10.30am. In fact on Sunday after we called time out after quite busy mornings of play I was surprised to discover it was only 12.30 and if I had made haste and not stopped for lunch and a natter I could have easily without rushing left site by 2.00, I still left at 3.30 and was home by 7pm when I'm usually home for 11pm that's quite a difference.

One of the highlights of the event was 20 people doing a conga through the sand for whole 2 hours, clinging to each other for safety, perhaps not to everyone taste and not something I want repeating, but by the time we had traversed a sand pit about 20 paces wide everyone was thoroughly worked up and scared, I did gain a little thanks for carrying a large treasure chest on my own which severely unbalanced me and made me a easy target for the sandy crew as I walked the path of doom, HeatherRef's constant smile as she picked her next target trying not give it away and poor Amy who must now have a very good digestive system with the amount of sand she swallowed.

I camped at this event on my own since my usual companions had abandon me for Maelstrom and Cat sitting so I got to try out my tent as a cooking area and it worked well, easily put up on my own, I fitted in my large camping table and chair in the porch with all my other bits and felt very happy with the set up and pleased with the tent.

My new character came out to play for the majority of the event, now in full length trousers since the white socks and breeches attracted far too many insects bites on my calves, the trousers worked a treat, I have only 5 bites this time all on my hands and wrists.

The weather was good as well, the ideal temperature, perhaps midday was little sweaty if you got into fight, but not too bad.

A good weekend