Sunday, 8 July 2007

Tewkesbury and things

Yesterday I traveled with Julie and Dave to Tewkesbury Medieval fair & battle and got sun burnt (silly me), I think I was expecting clouds and rain since that's all I've seen for the past couple of weeks.

The fair itself is quite a big market for all things medieval especially costume, swords and other kit, it also spans outside the medieval period and includes plenty of jewellery and other tat, I purchased jewellery, fabric for costume and a few crystals, but I resisted the a nice chess sets, another hat I have no reason to buy another frock coat I don't need.

The battle was.....well I didn't see it, but apart from last year and a couple years in the early 90's I've taken part in it every year since 1985 so its not something new, although I've never been a spectator.

All in it was a long day, getting up a 6.30 to get to Coventry, being on you feet all day when you normally spend your days sitting, and then by the time I'd had a cup of tea on the way home at Julie's it was quarter to eleven so did not get home till twelve.

I also got to see
Missy the phantom cat and admire Dave's Inversions.