Sunday, 15 March 2009

Clasps, Fair and a Movie

Last week I went to see the Watchmen movie which having never read the comic or seen any previews was quite a shock due to unexpected level of violence, I have no idea how much it follows the comic but enjoyed it enough that the film flew by which I suppose is all you can ask.

Visited TORM on Saturday with Jock and Bridgette, Jock withing minutes of walking in the door and without looking anywhere else finished his shopping buying a pirate frock coat, waistcoat and shirt. I was shocked at the speed, and even more shocked that every item he picked up fitted him perfectly, no growing room though so he better lay off the pie's.

I bought feathers, cloak clasps and a medieval mug, total spend probably around a tenner.

Two of the cloak clasp founds were only in silver pewter, I did find one in bronze and another bronze one at home, anyway following Dave suggestion I gave the silver ones a brown wash and then varnished them before sewing them on opposite to each other as Julie suggested making it less likely they would come unfastened. Result as photo below just to show the advice was useful.

Sunday afternoon I spent painting unit of 20 Lizardmen as per the photo below, while listening to 1st sounds spring which was a lawn mower a couple of gardens away.