Sunday, 29 June 2008

Battle Day

On Friday I took of a heap of war games models to the Ascendancy shop to set up for the battle, this took a good hour, afterwards I went to back to Andy & Heathers where we watched big brother, chatted and I ate a fine desert made by Heather.

Saturday was battle day, unfortunately I have no photo's but I'm hoping Julie or MM will have some I can use.

The Ascendancy battle was split into two, something I don't think I will do again because I struggled to keep an eye on what was happening, luckily Jock was the General on one the battles and played more than fairly helping out his opposition, leaving me to concentrate on the other which unfortunately was not so well mannered, since uninvited help showed up to help Mike that was little aggressive in its need for the undead to win and it did go down well with either General on that battlefield. DaveP who travelled up from with Julie who acted as scribe again (many thanks to you I hope the refs appreciate your effort this time) was extremely unlucky the 1st turn, I would have given up with the dice rolls he made and what happened as a result. I could not believe it had gone so wrong and after that Dave chances of victory dropped to near zero, so the uninvited opposition insistence on checking stuff was little over the top.

Sam played the other battle along with Gareth and Jak, that one went fine, and looked fun what I saw of it, and Sam won.

We all then went for meal along and met up with Carol, Mike and Kev old Shards players that have tried Ascendancy which is the new name Shards and seem to have liked it. The bad news was Andy and Heather had to leave because of problems with their children and baby sitters, they were not happy since it was one of the few nights they had chance to get out together, without kids and socialise with friends.

We all had a decent meal and stayed a hour or chatting about larp afterwards before heading off home, Dave and Julie via my house for cup of tea. They had earlier in the day left me a birthday present of Cranbery & Sanguinello Orange tea, Sweet Fennel tea and couple games.

I've just finished my write up of the battle since it had to be done as will not be able to do anything next week due to training course.