Sunday, 15 August 2010

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Behind the scenes photo at last event.

Week long of props

Just back from a week long adventure in the woods of South Wales, were help plot a week long full of monsters and machine with my follow refs.

Although I have been writing plot for fours years and ref-ing for almost two this was my 1st week long event and it was great, hard work yes, but I helped along with the rest of the crew provide much entertainment for the players which is very rewarding when you get good feedback.

My fellow refs also thanked me for the props I provided which helped set the scenes for many of the encounters, although prize for best looking scene goes to Amy for her bloodied vampire make-up. (see below)

First the new look vampires that walk in the day protected from the sun by goggles and full head and hand covering.

This is glowing spirit capture device which was smashed by the players to release the capture spirits

This device the Rakken Transmitter/Attractor (although not completed in this photo) spent a full evening being turned on and off giving players Rakken on demand.

This fearful looking thing made from a Dr Who mask retrieved from skip by DaveP and then converted by me with pipes, suckers on the reverse and various machine bits, eventually flew and stuck itself to a player character and sucked him dry of blood to provide a black out for the Vampires to attack in daylight.

Here we have a blood powered device, fixed again to player it pumped away his blood to empower the vampire with extra strength.

This prop was last conversion using from some spare parts I taken with me, fixed to prop already prepared by the other refs, the lights gave it extra oomph.