Sunday, 8 February 2009

Trip up North

On Saturday I was supposed to go down South to Coventry and then on to Bristol for the Larp fair, but this was cancelled due to the weather, well not really the weather but health and safety concerns over people slipping and falling over.

Anyway the trip was also to help DaveP celebrate his birthday and then go for a meal in the evening, so with no trip to Bristol Me, Julie, Dave and Nat decided between us to go up North to the Royal Armouries at Leeds and then go for meal local to me in Derbyshire rather than travel back down to Coventry, which since it was only the 4 of us would not be problem.

The Royal Armouries as can be seen from the photo (the building right at the end with the tall window) below blends into the all the flats and shops around it, the building just did not look impressive and the doorways even managed to look boarded up from a distance.

Free to get in although parking was hefty seven quid for 4 hours, the museum is packed to the brim with weapons and armour from nearly all periods and regions.

Julie and Dave looking at big matchlock guns.

Taking photos in the museum is quiet difficult, mainly as Julie pointed out it is all the reflections from all the glass cabinets and poor lighting, just look at the photo below which is typical of those I took, you can see half the other exhibits in the room reflected in the glass.

The museum is full of giant diorama as this one is of a hunting scene from the back of a elephant.

After a few hours wondering, you eventually go gun/amour/sword blind from all the weapons on display and can take in no more information, its also quite tiring when your not used to being on your feet. The museum is full of spots to take a rest, Julie as seen below decided to get a rest, me and Dave weren't far behind in joining her.

Once we had finished we decided to call in a Royal Armouries Shop, where Nat found a short sleeved chain mail Hauberk for almost half price, me and Dave both thought a bargain and Nat found it irresistible to buy, The small manikin it was sitting on did not fill me confidence it would fit, so Nat needed to try it on.

Nat with a little help struggles into the hauberk

Yep it fits.

Once Nat had made his buy we headed home to Derbyshire, before going out for meal to local restaurant where we ate until full and discussed Vampire Camarilla larp, and bit table top role play, I must admit it all sounded fun, but I did feel like I had really missed out on some good gaming, possibly because I was with 3 people who had all gamed together for quite a few years.

Happy Birthday Dave.