Saturday, 17 March 2007


Today I went to the Medieval Market in Coventry, looking for fabric, buttons, cord, leather scraps and a present for someones 18th. (TORM - The Original Reenactors Market)

I got none of the above, instead I came away with a waistcoat (thanks for the help Julie, tried it on with frock coat looks good), bi-corn hat, a Egyptian bag which after getting it home I think was great find, 3 shirts, a pretty box and pretty compass.

I suppose its a good thing I was inspired to buy these things, still me thinks I will regret not buying other stuff in a couple of weeks.

So what did I forget, I now need some trousers/breeches to go with the frock coat and waistcoat, wool to make a new coat for Guru, and a new hat.


  1. I'm glad you had a good haul and hopefully a good day, in good company too?

    As for your missing items, you can buy buttons from markets and habberdashery shops, if you look carefully enough. Military suppliers are also good places to look. I didn't think much of the fabric on offer this time out - not to say you wouldn't have found something for your trousers and breeches but at least you've saved some cash for the moment.

  2. I didn't actually look at any fabric other than in passing, I think not buying fabric is my sub conscious saying you need to re-do the trouser you made a mess of 1st, so tonight I got the scissors and cut the bottom off each leg. I most definitely need to re-do them now