Sunday, 15 April 2007

My Mum wants a cat

Following getting my wonderful cat Jasmine from the Cats protection league I've been passing on the virtues of adopting a adult cat. Today I took my Mother to visit the the Derby Adoption centre, she was looking for a young cat that was still adapatable or one that would cope with a excitable King Charles spaniel.
Well following my visit in late January I expected my mum to have reasonable choice, but compared to my visit they only had half the Cats, non were ticked as dog friendly and the young (by that I mean under 2 years) cats were already reserved, so we had no luck.
She will try again and other places.

Plenty of middle aged cats but there was a 18 year cat though a big black cat looking not too bad for age, perhaps they got the age wrong, owner had died, that I thought will be really lucky if it gets a new owner, 18 years is old for cat.

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  1. About the time I took in Charlie, the CP in Cov were running events to try to rehome some cats as they were so tight on space, there was no room at the inn. According to the area co-ordinator, there are certain times of the year when there are far too many unwanted cats and they work very hard to find homes for them. One of the busiest times being in the months immediately after Christmas.

    A smaller selection of cats means they have had a good run of suitable homes and less unwanted animals that need taking in. So it's a good thing really, although undoubtedly frustrating for your mum.

    As to the 18 year old looking for a home, that is a sad tale, but one that must happen quite regularly. I hope someone comes along who'll take him in.