Monday, 5 October 2009

Mole Machine and Some Painted Figures

I have completed several other projects during this month for use in various table top games

The 1st game was a repaint of space gorilla's provide by AndyL into cybernetic steam punk gorilla's controlled by a group of goblins

Then on a similar theme the dungeon in my previous post needed a way to get the player characters out, Von Dumas was the rescuer so we decided on mole machine coming up through the dungeon floor.

This was built in one morning before I went to work from a bit of rolled up cardboard, a cardboard spiral and some rocks from the garden. The cone at the top is a missile pod from a old air fix kit.

The rocks and machine were then given a quick paint and this is the result an hours work at the most.

And lastly a few new oriental figures acquired from Perry Miniatures.

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