Thursday, 31 January 2008

Diet so far

I started my diet after Christmas and appear to have lost about 3-5lbs since then, I'm not entire sure, because it seems to fluctuate, perhaps water loss or something, or I need to weigh myself at specific times, anyway on average I'm weighing less.

My Diet plan such that it is, is to to cut down a little on everything and cut out snacks totally except events.

To achieve this no biscuits, cakes, crisps, crackers, wafer exist in my house and none are bought. On the general cut down thing I take 2 cobs in lieu of 3 to work, buy a loaf of bread half the size, and put out smaller portions on my plate. I've supplemented one whole meal for a baked potato with a bit of cheese & swapped oven chips for boiled potatoes.

My nibbles now are only fruit, 2 or 3 apples a day when peckish, plus orange, grapes, I've no fruit juice or fizzy drinks in the house, so its fruit tea or water.

The other area I've cut out is visit to sandwich van which visits where I work, where I regularly purchased pasties, cakes and cheese and bacon melts, which as I've typed this have made me drool.

I'm no diet expert, but it seem to be working, I need to increase my activity, which the spring and summer I hope will do.

Then just need to keep it up loose another 4-6 lbs and by the summer I may be back to where I was in summer 2006 (or better), which was 1 1/2 stone lighter than I was in summer 2004.


  1. Well done! :)

    To get a consistent idea of your weight you do need to weigh yourself once a week, on the same day and the same time. Your weight can be affected by the time of day, how much you ate in the last 24 hours, fluid retention and so on.

  2. So if I want to weigh less I go for pee before I weigh myself?

  3. well done on the weight loss! I'm utterly useless at dieting... soemthing to do with snacks in the house... and possibly that I might cook/bake too much. If I knly cooked like my mom, she who could burn water, I would be if not skinny then thinner at least.

  4. well done :-) sounds like you're doing the right stuff, I keep trying to, but dh buys in chocolate....and Meridian gives me cake ;-) which is always yummy, in fact I'm about to eat a maple and pecan muffin as I type! (sorry)