Sunday, 1 July 2007

Cat on a lead

This weekend I purchased a cat harness and lead for Jasmine.

Well it seems to have been a success, getting the harness on easy apart from Jasmine falling over at every opportunity so I could tickle her belly, saying that Jasmine is a small cat and with the buckles fully tightened it was a very loose fit.

We then went for a walk around the garden were Jasmine sampled every leaf and plant stem spitting most out, grass is still her favorite vegetation. She discovered brambles have thorns and jumped out the frying pan, deeper into trouble and eventually had to carried out.

Still overall it seemed to work, and while Jasmine will require my presence to go outside at least I will have peace of mind.

I've also taken a few picture of Mothers Cat currently named Jenny Batgirl Twinkle, since a final name still does not seemed to have been decided. The pecking order in my mothers house does, her dog Bengy has moved to bottom rung, with Jenny Batgirl Twinkle chasing the poor dog around.

A couple of picture attached to this post however a full set of 10 can be found at the end of this
Click for larger image.


  1. Awww... Jenny Batgirl Twinkle is very, very cute... :)

    If Jasmine will co-operate and wear a harness, then I guess that is one way to compromise on her desire to experience outside. But watch those buckles, if the harness is too loose she may try to slip it - cats can be pesky like that. ;)

  2. Yep cats can be slippery customers, epecially when delivering that worming tablet.

    I was reading about re-inforcing good behaviour for cats on a lease last night, seems some sort of training is possible, but none of that walking to heal like dogs, cats are far too independant.

  3. JBT is lovely, similar to Mort, my mums cat :-) Have fun with the harness. There's a photo of Alys on Meridians site now too.

  4. awww...bless JBT is very cute kitty...

    As for the leash thing we tried that with starbuck, all he did was fall over and lay there till you set him free again. Reminds me of when I used to dress the kittens in doll clothes when I was a kid and didn't know it was cruel. I only had animals to play with and they were alot more fun than dolls!

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    very amusing cat pictures!