Monday, 25 June 2007

Leaking roof

I had a good weekend the forecast rain generally held off, a few crew tantrums seemed to have settled down by the end, I travelled home with 3 very sleepy people all of whom slept for most journey (fortunately the driver was fine) and was fed plenty of porridge and cakes.
My character also had a good weekend, if not for last hour where he landed on sorcerous snake when he was hoping for a supreme ladder, still if it was all good, you would not be able to recognise the good.

That was the good since when I got home I found a plant, broken plant pot, a pile of soil and a cat trying to look Innocent, then this morning I woke up at 4am to sound of dripping splashing water and kitchen roof that had sprung a leak overnight (at least it waited until I was home). I positioned a few buckets a washing bowl and pile of newspaper and went back to sleep and mopped it this morning.

Oh and thanks to Julie and Dave for my birthday present


  1. Boo for the leaking roof, take it, its stopped now? have you got it fixed in preperation for this weekends forecast?
    lol at the innocet cat, doing the moi? thing was she???

  2. Yep leak stopped when the rain stopped falling horizontally under my roof tiles.
    Same leak occured 8 years ago, did not fix it then either, rubbish me, but provided the rain does not come from the north again and horizontally I should be ok.