Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A web weekend

I spent this weekend working on a website not seeing daylight apart from a visit to my mums and the supermarket. I did this not because I had to or anything but because I was enjoying it, pulling all the bits together after getting a ok from the Andy & Heather on the layout.

Friday night I did go out going to see the movie Four the Rise of the Silver Surfer, not sure why they dropped the word Fantastic from the title. It was a good film far better than 1st Fantastic Four film and while not fantastic I would recommend it.

Before the movie I went for the 1st time to Frankie and Bennies. I was not expecting much these food chains can produce fairly bland food, but the food wasn’t bad, my friends treated me as a belated birthday present, so I tucked into a hot brownie, chocolate sauce and ice cream desert, at least I didn’t have the sparkly birthday desert of DaveP’s birthday earlier in the year.

Other than that I was sent a link to Facebook a kinda livejournal/blog/networking thing which I’ve joined, although not sure why yet, when I get time I will have a better look around.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for the website! yay for birthdays and yay for no sparkly desert!!! might let Andy and Gabe go and see that movie by themselves then.....