Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The day I learned to talk to cows

Strangehaven the 1st event is over with, the 1st time as writer/ref for me, it was very different from playing where you really get into a character you know inside out, and you can do/say what and as much as you want giving you a both a very enjoyable and frustrating time, different from just crewing where you have no real idea what happening and can spend hours bored waiting for players or just being a combat bunny. The nearest concept I thought would be organising a medieval murder mystery, but there while you have the creativity everything is very organised and timed to happen and fixed even if the role play is free form, its basically a game where everyone is crew. The enjoyment you get from writing and ref'ing a Lrp game is from the initial creativity, seeing your idea's work, playing different characters and having to think on your feet.

Its now over and I can't wait for the next although interupted by the next event I'm playing also, so I thinking about that as well.

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  1. Hours bored as crew? makes mental note to ensure Richard is kept more entertained ;-) Maybe Amy should direct her Speeches from the portculis at you next time ;-)