Monday, 4 June 2007

Very Loud Cat

My mother texted me today she went to Cat Protection League again and reserved a young cat so she is trilled although the cat in question needs to remain in their possession since it a newly arrived stray and it may be claimed by original owner. Not a long wait only until the 12th of June.

My own cat Jasmine made a dash for freedom while I was hanging out my sleeping bag to dry this morning, which incidentally somehow ended up blowing off the washing line into hedge, it survived and I could not find any new creepy crawlies hiding in the corners.
Anyway Jasmine having a taste for the outside world has decided she wants to be outside again and is meowing at the back door constantly in the most pitiful and loud way possible, for a small cat she had powerful lungs. Now I could let her out like any normal cat, indeed my previous cats have enjoyed the outdoors, but the Cat Protection League recommended I keep her in for her own safety since I live on a busy road, and they said she was very friendly and very nickable. So my brain says she must stay in and the rest of me wants to let her outside, saying a little supervised outing won't hurt, but that's a slippery path and before you know she will be out all night with me anxious, fearing the worst. I'm not sure what to do, so she will remain a indoor cat for now.


  1. I had a similar dilemma when I moved to Coventry, having moved from a 3 bed maisonnette into a house with very obvious access to the great outdoors. Suki (who had always been an indoors cat) became very, very curious about what was outside.

    I went with keeping her in for a couple of years until she was 'getting on a bit', i.e. she'd calmed down a lot. It turned out that she was a home body who needed her litter tray and having been raised and kept as an indoor cat, once she got over the initial excitement, outdoors was purely an extension of the house.

    Not like my two now of course, both of whom are ex strays and love going outside, even if they do get beaten up on a regular basis.

    Hard to advise, other than follow your instincts. Personally, I'd probably wait until Jasmine grows up properly (she is very kitten like at the mo) and then gradually introduce her to outside. But on the other hand, that road is a real worry...

  2. Roads can be very old cat Mort (aptly named it seems) who now lives with my mum, once attempted death by following our neighbours kid to school via the main road.....luckily after his hit n run incident, he curled up to die in an old ladys garden, who spotting something wrong with her fence post, looked closer, read his collar and called me......£300 later (this was my life savings when I was 19!) he was fixed. He's since gone on to cost both me, and then my mother a ton in vet bills and is still going. Morale of the story, we lived ages away from the main road and he still found it.

  3. Cats can be very expensive when the vets get involved, but £300 quid at 19 is a fortune (its still a lot of dosh) or would have been for me, but it nice to now Mort survived.

    Jasmine as Julie says is too much of a kitten yet to have any sense at all, only the other day she rolled down the stair inside a cloths basket and got out quite dizzy.