Sunday, 3 June 2007

Strange weekend

I'm having a good weekend although my mind is well on truly on next weekends Strangehaven event. My partner in crime for Strangehaven is having to work this weekend, but I've had a lot more time and so dabbled here and there with a few extra ideas, and done a bit of kit sorting and sewing.

Today I visited my friends Andy and Linda who made me welcome as always, their lad Christopher is also a Larper and told me all his stories about his latest characters, while I melted on their patio in the sun, before leaving to visit my mother for tea. She fed me chocolate and caramel cheesecake with strawberries which was extremely more-ish, I thought I'd lost my sweet tooth, but all this cake recently is making me want even more cake, if I don't stop soon I will be reversing the weight loss of last year.

Finally here is a picture of Jasmine in her favorite position, i.e cradled in my arms.

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