Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is Jasmine's birthday, she is now a 2 year old kitten.
I have just collected her from the kennel after being away for weekend of larping and she is curled in my arm as I type this with one hand.

The house I got back to at gone eleven last night was freezing cold. I was camped not far from Swansea which was 16 deg yesterday one of the warmest places in Britain while the Midlands dropped to a low of 8 degrees, (some places dropped to 6 degrees) well I suppose I have seen snow in June before, but still a shock when we are a few days from summer. I was very tired by the time I got back and switched the heating on went to bed deciding to unload the car this morning.

Shards event itself was great, I camped with Julie & Dave who fed me till I burst, especially her famous and tasty never thawing frozen soup, which remains frozen after 60 hours outside a freezer. I brought some cake and so did Julie but by the end of weekend the word cake almost made me run in fear, especially since the Rat tribe a player group organised a party which mainly consisted of large amounts of cake, which needed sampling, a impossible task since their was so much, I tried and the Order of Pi (Pie) another player group handed around more cake.

PS its my birthday in less than 2 weeks on the 9th


  1. So what you got planned for your birthday then :-) shall we celebrate in York???? says she thinking this is probably best!!

    Julie's soup sounds interesting, why did no one point this out to me at the weekend!

    Cake, never, ever, too much cake.

  2. You will have to ask Julie about the soup, I think it should be patented.

    I will celebrate in York by having a good event I hope.

  3. That soup is not one for a short weekend as you have to wait fifty hours after taking it out of the freezer for it to defrost sufficiently so you can hack lumps off it. Until then, you can't get it out of the tub let alone wrestle it into a saucepan!

    Very tasty and filling once you get it piping hot though :)

  4. lol ;-)

    Many thanks for the bad leg pointer, Julie you are a true star :-)