Monday, 2 July 2007

Cold food

So I went to eat my dinner cooked in the oven tonight, my stomach had not seen food since 11am and it was 6.30pm, it was cold must have forgot to switch the oven on silly me, no such luck dam oven has stopped working.
So now what to do, get it repaired the electric cooker and oven is very old, purchased when I had no ready cash having just having put down a deposit and got a mortgage.
Not only that is was a second so I could do with a update come to that, saying that so could the kitchen.

So repair or new? also gas or electric? all the fittings are there or perhaps make do without and buy more kit.

PS don't worry I blasted my food with microwaves so did not eat cold food.


  1. The callout charge alone to get the oven repaired might decide things for you, but first things, first... Check the fuse! ;)

    As to which to use if you need to replace it, take a look at the prices before deciding. Me personally, I prefer gas but ended up with electric when my oven died since it was easier to just slot in like for like.

  2. I tried the fuse, then percussive maintenance, not only that I’ve been working with one heating element for a few months, which means the oven took a while to get to temperature.

    I think the oven is 16 years old so perhaps due for change.

  3. I like the term percussive maintenance :-)
    It does sound like its due for a change, you never know there may be summer sales on at the mo as well? gas is better for cooking, but as I bet you don't do lots of that, then elecky fan oven is cheapest.

  4. I have purchase a new ELECTRIC cooker.