Monday, 14 July 2008

Promise of rain

After packing the car in a thunderstorm which included forked lightning I was a little concerned about camping this weekend, this was then followed by a journey down where the rain bursts got so so bad people on the motorway slowed down to 20mph, however once past Birmingham the rain had mostly cleared and turned a lot lighter, and by the time the event finished it was sunny and bright having only drizzled once for few minutes Friday night.

We had a reasonable turn out and despite being eaten to death by midges in deep dark woods I was relatively unscathed, and while I seem to react badly to insect bites, I was not the only one to be bitten, Julie had her ears attacked and AndyL has a rash around his waist from something. I must remind myself to take some Antihistamines before the event, to stop my histamine making the bites swell and redden.

Another good event, a interesting plot with lots of possible solutions and outcomes, we had a few new players who made the sounds of people who may attend again, we also had our first fatality of the year, which I may be wrong but sounded like the result of player bravery crossing over into the realm of stupidity, but I wasn't there so like I say I may be wrong.

I was hoping my new car being more fuel efficient would save me money even though diesel is more expensive and it did, not quite as much as hoped, saving around ten pounds on the round trip against my old car, but the fuel bill for the trip overall is still significantly more than last year.

My new car is now run in having completed its 1st 500 miles, and I'm very happy with it although I was nearly involved in a accident with a motorbike on the way home, seeing a motorbike in the distance I did no appreciate he was trying break the light speed barrier so I pulled out on him, and as I straightened my car on the main road he was swerving past me, and in the blink of eye passed half a dozen other cars on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend.


  1. Sadly it wasn't just my ears, my legs also got their share of bites as did my face. The creepy crawlies certainly were out in force this weekend, I've had to evict six earwigs and a slug in the process of unpacking this morning!

    That motor cyclist certainly was shifting it, we were doubtful he'd survive to the end of the road the way he was driving. It must have been the combination of flashy bike and leathers that made him indestructable. ;)

  2. Biker with a death wish eh.....
    Sorry you all got bit, I managed to avoid it somehow, most odd, but a huge mossie got me whilst at the gym tonight, the girl next to me helpfully trod on it, so it couldn't get any of us again!