Sunday, 20 July 2008

A berry weekend.

Saturday morning at the supermarket I spied and punnet of 'whoops' cheap gusgogs (Gooseberries) and bought them, not something I normally buy but when I lived with my parents they had about 10 thorny gusgog bushes that me and brothers raided before they were ripe and I grew to love the crunchy sourness. The punnet I bought were nicely ripened and mostly sweet so I consumed them very quickly.

Later that day I went to friends for dinner and desert consisted of creme brulee with the biggest cultivated blackberries I had ever seen, again I was used to taste of wild picked blackberries that have a lovely sour taste and enough fruity flesh for a small fly at best, these blackberries were two bites big and well nice, moreish and blackberry flavoured as well, I think I've been missing out ignoring them on the supermarket shelves.

Just to top off my berry weekend I also raided my mothers rasberry canes when I visited Sunday afternoon, they needed ice cream to go with them, which was found in my mothers fridge.

I didn't get any strawberries though.


  1. I haven't eaten gooseberries since I was little... I seem to remember they go well in a crumble, where their sour sweetness combines well with the crumble topping and custard. :)

    Blackberries from the supermarket are not a patch on wild ones you've picked yourself. They're also horribly expensive! That all said, I've yet to find a good berry patch in Coventry :S

  2. Yuk for the Gooseberries, Mum had a bush, remember being forced to eat crumble for weeks, don't like the skin on them at blackberries and Raspberries though :-)