Monday, 10 March 2008

Windy weekend

I had a relatively quiet weekend larping, taking a bit of a back seat to allow others to use their skills and spent it mostly with a cold finger because in game when my finger is in air it represents your character as not being there, or invisible. Since we had plenty of Horologist about, I decided to be more of a lookout and tracker, not that I was very successful, but I did manage to find one person.

I fed Julie and Dave for the weekend, their only complaint was my extra large portion size, which is more to do with me making sure I cook enough than being a big eater.

The weather was very windy, so listening to conversation was very difficult and the hut roof was flapping about in the wind keeping me awake, but the promised rain did not materialise in any great way, it rained, but it was over in 20 minutes.

Everyone I spoke to seemed to enjoy themselves, the 2 very new players survived being pummelled by lots of information relative to back plot, I've no idea if they enjoyed themselves.

I have today off, and have just taken Jasmine for a check up at the vets, she meowed loudly all the way there and back and cost me £ 60 for a couple of booster injections.

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  1. sounds like you enjoyed yourself too, even if you did get kept awake and got cold finger syndrome!