Monday, 3 March 2008

Battle not to shop.

I had a highly enjoyable if tiring weekend, playing battles and shopping.

On Friday evening I finished writing up the stats for Ascendancy battle, since traditional Larpers don't seem to know if they are coming or going or indeed taking part, so despite my wish to get all the info I needed by last Friday I found myself still adding and subtracting, finding painted figures at the 9th hour, would have been the eleventh hour but I finished at 9pm.

So Saturday I turn up early at Chimera shop to set out the terrain and then nip over to Derby train station to collect General DaveP, while General Jonty makes his own way since he lives around the corner from the battlefield.

I went to Derby a couple of months before Christmas but since I last went there not only have they completed the new shopping centre but they have changed the road layout.

The battle in the shop went quickly with General DaveP in control Magnus's men, while General Jonty controlled the Emperors men, Sam also turned up and stayed all day contributing to battle and taking control when General Jonty had to leave about 4pm to play football. Overall since we got started quickly the battle lasted almost 6 hours in 2 parts, the 1st part being a traditional Warhammer wargame, the 2nd part being a bunch of super hero's battling on the roof tops.

It was a close battle and General Jonty won just, with a little help from his sub commander Sam.

I took a few picture below (more pictures here)

After the battle we all went for a meal at the local pub, paid for very generously and unexpectedly by AndyL & Heather the shop owners.

I then took DaveP back home since he was staying the night in my spare room and we spent the evening looking through my old bits box of lead figures.

The next day Sunday we set off for Coventry to return DaveP to his home and collect his other half Julie to go to the Living History Fair. Before that we stopped for brief cup of tea where Julie showed me her lastest knitting and crochet projects including rabbit bottom which somehow I had inspired.

The fair had expanded and was considerably improved, I would now recommend it as a good alternative the TORM (The Original Reenactors Market) which 2 years ago I would not.

While there I ran into Ghost and Jackie, and Tee from the Buckinghams, and also spotted Pod and Debs, Jane & Ashley from Ascendancy.

Julie failed to spend my money for me, and me hers, however DaveP spotted a hat that I bought (picture below with Jasmine chewing the horse hair), so DaveP spent my money instead.

After that me & Julie dragged DaveP away from being very helpful to lots of other people he knew in spending their money on other bargains(?). We dragged him away to nice pub for spot of Mothers Day lunch which would have gone down well with most mothers I know.

I then drove home to do the battle write up, a task my brain was not ready for, so I stopped and started again, then gave up and posted what I had written a little unsatisfied, I should have waited until today when my brain was fresher, but too late now.

Monday morning I woke up feeling like I had no sleep and it took 3 cups of coffee and a lunch break before I woke up, but I'm fine now.

As I said tiring but good weekend.


  1. Blinking eck pod and debs were rather far north for them eh!!! like the pic of dh lolling around in the background of the wargame ;-)

  2. sounds like a good weekend.

    Killing time at home I did a meme I was tagged for. It's pretty easy so if you fancy having a go I tagged you to do it. You don't have to of course.