Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Undead (Forsaken) Army

Tonight I applied the last coat of varnish to the Undead army started 10 days ago here

I managed paint about 150 figures in the time I would normally paint 20 because they were already based, I had a bank holiday with no plans so spent it painting, and skeletons are reasonably simple to paint with no clothing, although with 7 chariots, stone throwers and several characters figure they were actually more time consuming than your average figure to paint.

A couple of photos below which don't do my efforts justice, but I'm pleased and looking forward to them being used.


  1. Very pretty... If I'm allowed to call undead pretty? ;)

    Hopefully Mr Flay will be on his way to the scene of battle via a jiffy bag very soon! Fingers crossed that Dave remembers to post him.

  2. Tag, you've been Tagged, you gotta carry it on! see my blog for details