Sunday, 10 February 2008


This weekend I travelled to York for a AscendancyLRP event, Dave arrived by train and we travelled up in my car arriving early, no traffic issues, and so did everyone else so time in started 2 hours earlier than usual.

It was a good event, that had lots of issues for those with a conscience to cogitate over, although some people wanted it to be black and white, good and evil, it was well written plot which meant no such luxuries were available.

By the mid afternoon Saturday my character was that mullered through circumstance beyond his control that he was 1 second from death and only saved by 5 other players keeping pressure on his wounds while the medics worked away. At that point the character was so weakened that he dropped out of game and I became crew for the rest of day playing various combats bunnies, although I did get chance to play a undead man servant called Ingrid to a undead Queen, Ingrid loved flowers particularly wilting ones, and was learning to cook, but failed to grasp the living preferred their food warm & fresh, not cooked a week earlier.

The weather was lovely warm sun all day, but dry clear skys so cold nights, we built smokey fires in the huts, but they don't help much, other than giving all your clothing a nice wood smokey smell, and making your throat sore.

I delivered Dave home since otherwise he would have needed to have left his gear at my house, then found a suitable weekend train and was home by 7pm, time enough to type this.

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