Thursday, 14 February 2008

Day off

On Tuesday I went to see Cloverfield, a movie made to look like it was all filmed as diary on a hand held camcorder, I won't tell you what happens but its a sci-fi Horror set in New York, and very harrowing. I enjoyed it if thats the word since can a movie with not laugh to be found, just lots of traumatic scenes be called enjoyable.

Then yesterday I had the day off work to wait in for the electric supplier, to swap my meter and also to take my car to the garage for a gear selection problem which turned out to be clutch problem.

I took my car to garage and was back home by half eight and set myself to wait in for the electric supplier, they turned up at 10 and were gone by 20 past, so I managed to get out house, after painting a few figures I visited Chimera and few other shops.

My car is still at the garage and I have the courtesy car for a extra day, while they replace the clutch arm (whatever that is) under warranty.

Oh and I saw my neighbor for the 1st time in 3 years since he abandoned his renovations, started 8 years ago, he never moved in. He had been burgled while I was in York so he was cutting his hedge down, which seems really odd, now hes done it, I can see the road, I'm not sure yet if I like it over the privacy his tall hedge created, but he thinks it will help security since people will now be able to see his house from the road. Its also seems his extension did not pass planning permission which was why it was abandoned it with just the walls up to mid height.


  1. I'm not liking the sound of your next door neighbour being burgled... Wasn't your other neighbour targeted not that long ago? :-O

  2. Yes your not wrong, its worrying. The police sent me a card through door asking me if I heared or seen anything, and warning me (not really helpfully) to be vigilant.

  3. I read in the local news paper this weekend that a group of 3 burgalar had been arrested charged with committing a average of 18 bugalries a week in mine and the next village.