Friday, 4 January 2008

Painting toy soldiers

New Years day I decided to paint some wargames figures for the 1st time in well ages, by that I mean possibly 10 years, and at least 5, can't remeber when I last got my figure painting brushes out.
Anyway my figures of choice were a selection of Games Workshop Eldar on jet bikes, these were plastic figures and what I did realise is how long they would actual take to assemble so it was Thursday evening by the time the glue had set and the undercoat sprayed, I put my basic coat of paint on as the picture below, but I think I have another 3 or 4 hours work yet, but I must say the break in painting history was worthwhile since I'm actually enjoying painting the figures again, plus I have a reason, a target which is another game in Chimera shop with my mate Jock and anyone else who wishes to join in. Jock received a few packs of GW figures and as also started painting again.
I have ordered another pack of Eldar figures which I hope to collect this weekend if they arrive.

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