Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year

I have a New Years resolution and that's to loose weight, after loosing 1 1/2 stone in 2005/2006 I put 3/4 stone back on in 2007, I want to loose weight again, so that means reducing comfort foods like those cakes I love, I've already cut out crisps, biscuits, & ice cream, sweets I can do with out anyway, so my next target is bread, currently I consume a loaf and 12 bread rolls a week, I want to halve that by buying a smaller loaf of bread or freezing half and buying less rolls, then I need to replace the pizza in my diet with something more healthy (suggestion welcome).

That's my New Years resolution, I actually spent my New Eve at Tom & Esther's with Julie and Dave, the only other person I knew there was Niki, it was a quiet party the kind I like, perhaps a little too much Maelstrom but I should not complain I was in the majority of Ascendancy players at Sam's party and perhaps we went on bit much there in front of other guest.

The other thing I did at the party was sniff Esther scents from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab something I been fascinated by since Esther, Helen and few others started collecting all these scents with wonderful names like Mad Sweeney, Burial, Cheshire Cat, I tried on Neil Gaiman's Agnus Nutter which smells of Gun Powder and the one that made me interested in smelling them in the 1st place. They were great by the way one day I will order some, not sure what I will do with them if I get them, gifts perhaps who knows.

So Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. 'makes note to ask for gunpowder scent for xmas next year out of interest'......
    Glad you had a good one, Happy New Year!!
    I'll not make you anymore crumble then ;-)
    Pizza tip I think off that c4 eat yourself slim programme was pitta bread pizza with minimal cheese and lots of veg! hth's