Sunday, 20 January 2008

Jasmine started her figure collection.

On Friday after work I returned home to find 4 of the 10 war games figure painted the previous night missing from table I left them out on, the culprit was obviously Jasmine my cat. 2 of the figures were easily found having just been patted on the floor, the 3rd was eventually found no worse for wear in the cats bed, the 4th was elusive. Torch in hand I looked under all the furniture not easily moved, finding a lost Barclay card bill, lots of beads, ping pong balls, old batteries, & tube of mints all knocked under bookcases and sideboards by Jasmine, I also found cobwebs in area's not normally cleaned, but no figure. The figure was eventually found behind cushion on the settee.
Not content with just collecting figures Jasmine also wants to paint them, while sitting on my knee her tail has wofted in to the yellow and black paint pots, at least they are non toxic and easily cleaned acrylic paints, since she failed to paint the figures instead painted my fleece.

By Saturday it was time to use the figures in a Warhammer 40K game in the Chimera shop. Advertised to start at 11am I dropped of the terrain at 10 and went round to pick up Jock and have a coffee, by the time I had returned we had 4 kids waiting with their armies to play. We managed 2 games Orc & Tyrannids v's Space Marines & Eldar, however because it was so popular I didn't get to use my newly painted figures. We also had a audience of kids and patient parents who had not played before and what with Jocks insisting we make weapon noises when we rolled the dice putwwr, putwwr, daka, daka daka, woooom, etc. some intelligent frothing over kids it was a very noisy lively game. By the 2nd game our youngest player Gabriel joined in to control a 3rd of Orc/Tyranid forces (For some reason Jock kept calling Gabriel, Gabrielle as in Xena) who can only roll dice by throwing them across the room, although by the end of the day I insisted that all the kids playing were giving dice rolling lessons, since they either shake them in there hand for half an hour, roll them onto the floor, or into figures to knock them over.

It was good day enjoyed myself, didn't get to play Jock with my new painted figures.

The Chimera shop owner asked if I was coming to the paint club on today, however today I intend stay at home and do homely things.

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  1. lol at Jock and Gabe :-) Glad you enjoyed yourself again, I'll say Hi properly next weekend eh!