Monday, 19 November 2007

Wet and very very wet

I was shattered last night and too busy at work to write about my weekend, my lunch was filled with a trip to Ripley to return a pie dish to Frizbe and watch Andy and Frizbe's Dad work away on shelving for the shop while I supped a quick coffee. Anyway by the time I got home and thought about writing something I had read Julie blog and thought that about sums it up in every aspect, apart from I didn't have drive home home through the snow, so to avoid repeating things read here for my weekend.

I'm now still waiting for the wool to dry, the cloak in particular seems reluctant, its spread tent like over the back of chair and radiator but after a full day is still sodden in places, last night the parts on the radiator were almost foaming with the escaping moisture, the purple robe I wore below took the next brunt of the rain and as dried, but layers below seemed to remain relatively dry, my car on the other hand is still very damp inside.

I also managed to tread in some dog poo on Saturday along with Julie and few other players which was messy, dog owners please bag your poo even when its in the grass next to the path.

Here is photo of the snow, (it was whiter but by time of the photo it had started melting) while it lasted. The photos bit bleary but was hand held, through a steamed up window, in the dark.

Just to say (or repeat) good company, fun weekend, shame about the weather, Jasmine even managed to spend almost all evening on Julie knees, which seemed to make Julie happy, espcially since cats are always a topic of conversation when she visits. Did stop her knitting though.

Jamine below helping to dry my cloak (click for larger image)

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  1. It's very good of Jasmine to help you out like that. :)

    Suffice it to say that my house is similarly draped with items of costume currently!

    It was my shoulders, arms and back which seemed to get the worst of the rain I think (although the front and legs got a soaking too) with the water working its way through all layers. My coat was still sodden as of this morning, although I think the robes are about dry again along with my bodice, so I am getting there.