Thursday, 22 November 2007

Shopping can be fun

This year somehow I've got my Christmas shopping organised, almost all presents are purchased and it's only November.

This to me is both an incredible feat and an immense relief, because I won't have to take holidays off to join stressful town centre queues to the tills, dodge weaving shoppers, fight my way into underground car parks, or get up early to try and beat the jams.

My normal practise is leaving it until the last weeks of December when the pressure to find gifts for people becomes actual stress and you start to wander around shops you don't normally enter hoping for inspiration, not finding it so end buying something just because you feel the need to.

I talk to my fellow male shoppers, and I'm not alone in this, it's normal I guess most men are not good shoppers.

Yes online shopping helps, last year I purchased nearly half my gifts that way, this year it was only a few gifts the rest purchased from various medieval fairs, games shops, and craft shows.

So who do I thank for being in this unfamiliar and happy place, well both Julie, & my friends at the Chimera shop for getting me started very early by my standards and also for both pointing me at the odd gift, it's a relief, anything else I buy will only add to presents already purchased.

Happy Christmas (I know its only November but I'm already in the mood)

Best get them Christmas cards next, and I suppose if I want last minute I can leave the wrapping until Dec 24th

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