Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Had a great time at this weekend larping about at Shards, I took today off to recover, but woke this morning even after a long drive feeling quite fresh, so could have gone to work, still I've spent today doing some house keeping and some online stuff for Shards.

I started the weekend still feeling weak from the previous weeks illness, driving down was tiring but by Sunday I was fully recovered and enjoying the fresh air, good company, & nice soup of camping in a pleasant woodland far from traffic, even the one night of rain was pleasant in its own way.


  1. Glad you had a good time and we finally managed to defrost the soup enough to get it out of its tub!

    BTW why does this post have a tag 'cats'? I'm intrigued... Is there a hidden meaning?

    And how was the fearsome Destructo over the weekend?

  2. Ah you know I wrote a paragraph about the fearsome Destructo, but I must have forgot to paste it into this post, sometimes I should stop and check what I do.

    Jasmine was fine this time, the cattery owners say she was a lot friendlier, she does seem to have come back with the ability to scream even louder and gets this manic desperate sounding meow when I get home or leave the room.

    So anything unexpected with Charlie and Missy, are they fine?

    Oh and Jasmine as at last learnt how to pull a unlatched door open, which means she no longer gets shut in the bathroom, behind me

  3. I fear the day when Charlie finally works out how to open doors...

    Both cats were fine and according to the cattery lady, they get on fine in a pen together - so no worries there :)