Sunday, 29 April 2007

Sunday, feeling better

Its Sunday morning after a illness which started Wednesday and while I feel better, I'm eating again just, but have no real appetite and no energy, just walking up the stairs leaves me drained, possibly the lack of food and spending 3 days curled up on the sofa.

Jasmine in all this time as had to make her own entertainment since I have not had the energy for her, I tried throwing a toy in game of fetch and couldn't throw.
Her own entertainment does involve me mainly as either a trampoline or some imagined small creature as I move a hand or foot under the blanket.
What she does seem to like his using me as heat source, cats sleep ninety percent of the day so having me at home has giving her an ideal bed, which works for me as well, its very comforting having your cat there.
She has also developed a new habit of licking the hair my head (moving on from licking the beard) which fine untill she decide to move on and wash me behind the ears with her sandpaper tongue, which is not pleasant.

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