Wednesday, 17 January 2007

They don't like cats

Gosh I find myself amazed (well at least slightly interested) at how much and how many people at work hate cats, telling them I need to go home at lunch tomorrow to be vetted by the Cat Protection League, I got comments like "if I caught a cat in my garden I would strangle it", "ugh they make me itch" and "I hope you got it concrete boots, filthy animals s**t everywhere".
I don't understand their problem, and if they think cat's poo everywhere then they can't have looked after any cat's they had well.
And it wasn't a man thing either, it was 50/50 split on both sexes, although since it's an office of six I can't say it a good representative sample with 33% disliking cats, and 66% loving them. (don't ask what the remaining 1% feels I guess that represents a undecided spider or something)

On an associated issue one of Julies Internet leads led me to BJ-cat welfare, they sent me a email tonight to say they possibly had a kitten and could I let them have a few details about my circumstances, funny thing I had no interest whatsoever, it was too late, I'd decided on Jasmine and can't wait to collect her, any interest in a kitten seems to have totally disappeared. So I replied many thanks but I'm sorted.

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