Thursday, 18 January 2007

Cat Collection League Say YES

Checked out by the Cat Protection League this lunch, which seemed to involve them spending 5 minutes telling me what food Jasmine's (the cat I'm adopting) been eating, when do you want to collect her, the woman took an hour and 10 minutes to get to me, and her only comments about where I lived was yes its busy road as you said.
Still I suspect its for their peace of mind, they rescue cats from some nasty places, the last thing they want is to send them back to the same.

Arranged to collect Jasmine on Saturday so will need to spend the morning getting essentials, most of which I owned a year ago.

The Cat is tagged and the tag will be registered to my home.

So very happy, but tinged with a little sadness as I also read my Brothers post on LJ about my mums Cats Scooby today, after he visited her last night, he doesn’t live close so his visit are irregular.

In his post he put Scooby is very thin, you can feel his ribs and other bones as if they are poking through the skin. He is unable to jump on the worktop any more and when he jumped off a chair he swayed and staggered and more, he went on to say its possibly the last time he will see him.

Needless to say in the post Stephen my Brother sounded very upset, Scooby was his Cat when he lived at home with our mother, he named him and Scooby has a soft spot for him and visa versa.

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