Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Jasmine drug user

The Cat Protection League gave me a goody bag as I left, one of the items in it was a little fabric bag of Catnip which is a legal recreational drug for Cats. So just as left work I gave the catnip to Jasmine who rolled all over the bag, and when I came home later the bag had green stains where she had chewed through the material so I guess she is now a drug user.

Settling in nicely, Jasmine now has a toy (Emu like) bird she keeps dropping at my feet to play fetch, and as soon as I grow tired of throwing it to different corners of the room she chews it & deposit little blue fur patches all over my carpet. The bird now has a neck that is just about attached to the body with one thread.


  1. This morning the bird was headless, and the head gone, It was far too big and not digestable so must be somewhere

  2. Try under the sofa and chairs... Or behind the fridge... Or under the bookshelf... Or... Any small space...

    Otherwise in years to come, you will move some piece of never moved furniture to find that bird's head in amongst all the dust bunnies!

  3. Home from work, birds head found by Jasmine and deposited by door.