Saturday, 20 January 2007

1st Pictures of Jasmine

A few more picture of Jasmine here

These where taken 1 hour after collection, she is Tonkinese, not a Siamese as I originally thought, currently doing a lot of investigating and hiding as soon as stand or move, however I have got her to play with a toy, so I think she will settle in quick.


  1. She's a very pretty cat :)

    If she's exploring already, I'd say her curiousity is getting the better of any nerves which is always a good sign. If she continues the way she is, I think she'll settle fairly quickly too.

    You must be very happy. :D

  2. Yep very happy, she been with me 4 hours now, and spent 1/4 of that time on my lap, 1/4 running and playing and the rest hiding. She still nervous and runs everytime I stand, but reading the leaflets I was given and your advice, I may be lucky and get through the nervous stage quickly.